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I believe there is greatness inside of you.

But the road to greatness can be met with a lot of rejections and disappointment. In my own journey, I realized that once I built up an unshakeable core, everything became easier. 

I know that you have that power in you too. 

After coaching hundreds of people, I've seen the impact of having someone next to you, ready to guide you and cheer you on.

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"Cassandra has a superpower.  She can change your entire perception and help you to breakthrough mental barriers that you may not have even realized you had! I know for a fact that my career and financial future are forever changed because of her coaching! She leads through encouragement and her enthusiasm is infectious! If you get the chance to work with Cassandra, take it! You won’t believe how different your life can be with just a little bit of coaching!"

Lelia J

"It's rare to feel that anyone else is as invested in your success as you are, but that was my experience with Cassandra... working with her was more valuable than I could have imagined and I started to develop skills that will help in all aspects of life. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Cassandra - I would do so again without hesitation."

Nathan C.

After coaching hundreds of people, I’ve developed a coaching program that focuses on building an solid internal foundation and adaptable systems. 




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"Cassandra is lovely! I wish I had more people like her in my life - because not only would she help keep me focused and in sync with myself, but she could also probably do it using nothing but Lord of the Rings examples. She has been monumental in my journey into a new career while simultaneously navigating a very difficult time in my life. From the first call I had with her, it felt as if I was talking to an old friend. 

Cassandra was a shining light in an otherwise dull, ominous sea of darkness. She knew how to be gentle with me when needed, but also was not afraid to be direct as possible - which I greatly appreciated because it helps cut out a lot of the "fluff" sometimes. She gives excellent, easy-to-digest examples and analogies that helps to break down some of the more complex/confusing situations one can find themselves in when job searching, growing, grieving, and working on themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my calls with Cassandra. Thanks to her, I am far more aware of the Balrog I'm fighting, and that I'm in the middle of a grand transformation. She helped me understand that I'm on a different timeline than others, and that *it's okay*.

10/10 would recommend."

Noah G

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